K-9 Rescue Remedy


Registered charity number 1173073          Established 2008  

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Bexhill Store chosen charity for Adoption For Pets

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K-9 Rescue Remedy (or K-9RR as we call it), was originally set up purely as a rescue dog training club, however it has developed into rescuing dogs too. We are only able to do this on a small scale, the majority of our dogs live in foster homes with members of the training club.  It gives the dogs interaction with people, other dogs, cats and access to training, this way their lives are as normal as possible.  We rely entirely on funds we raise ourselves with the aid and generosity of Pets At Home Bexhill, being one of their chosen charities for Adoption For Pets.  This is why we have to keep our costs down to a minimum, however by doing so, this ensures all the dogs in our care get the best quality of life that we are able to give them.  


The aims of K-9 Rescue Remedy are to:

  • Provide a safe, kind temporary home for destitute dogs until a permanent home is found

  • Provide the dogs with micro-chipping, inoculations and any medical, complimentary or therapeutic care that they require to keep them well, happy and pain free

  • Provide training on the Kennel Club Good Citizens Award Scheme whilst the dog is in our care

  • Home check all prospective temporary and permanent homes to ensure that they are suitable for each dog

  • Provide follow-up home-checks to ensure that each dog remains in good health in their new home

  • Provide support for the owners of rescue dogs through training on the Kennel Club Good Citizens Award Scheme with weekly training sessions and where necessary through one-to-one training

  • Work closely with and support other rescue organisations when possible

  • Where funds permit, to support and improve the quality of life for dogs with disabilities

Some of our older rescue dogs have hydrotherapy to help with the effects of their age and experiences.  They usually really enjoy their hydrotherapy and quickly seem to benefit from the sessions.

Savanna Hydro

This is our gorgeous girlie Savanna having hydrotherapy.  

K-9rr Rescue